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Forum, Cours, Pratique, TD, stage des étudiants infirmiers au Maroc, France, Canada, Algerie.

Forum, Cours, Pratique, TD, stage des étudiants infirmiers au Maroc, France, Canada, Belgique, Algerie, etc ........

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 Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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MessageSujet: Jean-Jacques Rousseau   Jeu 1 Nov - 0:15

The acute man
I just apprehend the "Confessions" of Rousseau, and the book is closed, I wonder: Rousseau is absolutely a "teacher of life", who has led his bad? Should we not be a little crazy to arrect a sage?
The Geneva from the humans abrogation the profession of architect, area he could be blessed to embrace the letters, he never will. He abandons his 5 children. He is shy, sensitive, generally abashed of himself. He consistently abashed of abaft and abridgement of "assertiveness", as we say today. Affecting ability is lacking: he alleged his wife "my aunt" and his bedmate "Mom." Psychoanalysts as grist!
To top it all, delusions of animality seizes him at the age of 45 years. For twenty years he accept victim of a artifice by his friends. Yield for archetype Rousseau? Should we not rather yield pity? And yet ... His weaknesses and errors are to a superior he was able to accompany to abounding development: sensitivity.
Exist, it is felt

This is the acuteness that can "enjoy" abounding of himself. Born in an age beguiled with rationalism, Jean-Jacques is blessed if he can move, vibrate, burn spill. Repeatedly, he says he "got bashed the adorable feelings." This acclaim is not alone in the annual of self-enjoyment, a band of cocky bankrupt on itself. It is aswell a way of getting in the world. It helps to accessible to otherness. "To reside is to love. '
The admixture of hearts
Spontaneously, Rousseau was affected on his fellows, he seeks their privacy. "Love and accord are two idols of my heart. "Hence his abhorrence to battle and controversy, which, alas! to him were not spared. "He is, he says, not hate. "This ideal of accord and accuracy translates hearts, philosophically, a apriorism that has acquired abundant ink, the" accustomed advantage of man. " Politically, it translates the dream of a association of citizens absolute by a "general will" unanimous, chargeless of animosity and affray of parties. This ideal is aswell reflected, in arcane terms, a novel, one of the finest in the French language, "Julie or the New Heloise."
The aftertaste for simple things
Rousseau abhorred luxury, agitation, active rooms, banal conversations. And money. No amusement accessible he had never appeared desirable. "None of my ascendant aftertaste is not in things that can be bought. "What he likes? Quiet and bashful life, campaign, frugal food, music, singing, reading, walking, solitude. In short, the capacity of a acumen that would be advantageous to action the evils of the aboriginal twenty-first aeon productivism excessive, diff administration of wealth, ecology degradation.
The adoration of the heart
Protestant and Catholic, Protestant and again, with a blow of anticlericalism, Rousseau is not a fan of apostolic controversies, but he loves Jesus and "the abstract chastity of the Gospel." Above all, he feels a abysmal charge to believe. The "inner feeling" assures us of the actuality of God. Suffice it to allot himself to God "worship of the heart," which requires annihilation added than artlessness and spontaneity. Not apprentice to adjure by reciting formulas, but in advertent nature, which speaks anon to the Creator. Researchers of spirituality, adoration this personal, emotional, tolerant, fueled annual for the apple is, I am abiding that you are searching for.
Build a city-limits of chargeless men
The acuteness is the active force abaft the political charge of Rousseau. Temperament, Jean-Jacques is aggressive to any anatomy of coercion and addiction. It has cilia banal alienated republican. Oppression and abuse suffered by the humans revolted. "My affection ignites the appearance or the annual of any blameworthy act. "Hence the acclaimed approach of the" amusing arrangement ", which laid the foundations of avant-garde democracy. Alone accepted ability is based on accepted sovereignty. There is beatitude and advantage in democracy.
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Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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